Mission Statement

Premier care package provider to US Troops at home and in harms way.  Our Warriors are on arduous deployments, we let them know America stands with them.  OTA provides public awareness at various entertainment events and sends care care packages to our deployable service members at home and around the world.

OTA is a non-profit 501(c) (3) striving to make a positive difference and inspire our Armed Forces.

Message from CEO

As our men and women in uniform are deployed all over the world, let us not forget our freedom, for it is because of them, past, present, and future that we can live free. What better way to express our FREEDOM than to reach out to the ones that provide it. Please help us as we let them know they are "NOT FORGOTTEN."

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History of Troop Aid Operation Troop Aid (OTA)

It was SEP 2001 when I started to chart the course of creating TROOP AID(TM) / Operation Troop Aid(OTA), Inc. Having been on deployment during the horrific attacks of 9-11, my shipmates and I watched as the second plane hit the WTC. We were on station and ready for any action the President required of us.

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