History of Operation Troop Aid(OTA)®

It was SEP 2001 when I started to chart the course of creating TROOP AID®/ Operation Troop Aid(OTA), Inc. Having been on deployment during the terrorist attacks of 9-11, my shipmates and I watched as the second plane hit the WTC. We were on station and ready for any action the President required. Previously during that deployment, I was the coordinator and escort for an onboard concert by Chad Brock, a CMA recording artist. After the events of 9-11, I received an e-mail from the military concert coordinators that Garth Brooks wanted to do a concert onboard and televise it nationwide on CBS. I was again assigned and worked as the assistant coordinator. I toured Garth around the ship and met all of his entourage. This experience was extremely enlightening and Garth inspired me to use music and entertainment initiatives for charity.

Upon transferring from that command to shore duty in 2003, I began to coordinate benefits for Toys for Tots and Military Appreciation on my off time. Then, one night I had a dream and woke up and searched the internet for the name "OPERATION TROOP AID". Finding it not used, I retained a lawyer to get incorporated and submit the IRS Non-Profit 501c3 paperwork, to which I was granted incorporation and charity status in the great state of Tennessee and was then awarded IRS 501c3 status. I later transferred to the great state of Virginia and continued the TROOP AID® vision.  Having retired in 2008, I came back Tennessee, specifically, Nashville and we continue to conduct events around the country in support of our TROOPS!!!...   

My dream is to build OTA into the "Premier Care Package and Financial Assistance Charity" for US Troops using major concert and event promotions, entertainment initiatives and branch TROOP AID® out all across the country.  I have worked tirelessly and assembled all the right players and now I need corporate sponsors. Please help as we reach out to U.S. Troops,..  they need us NOW!! The mission of OTA is to make a positive difference and inspire deployed and at home U.S. service members by letting them know America stands with them. OTA provides care packages and financial assistance with revenue generated through professional concert promotions, entertainment initiatives and public financial generosity.


We salute and support all our Armed Forces! The mission of Operation Troop Aid (OTA) is to provide care packages for our deployed U.S. Service members with the revenue generated through professional concert / event promotions and public financial generosity. OTA is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation striving to make a positive difference and inspire our Armed Forces by letting them know Americans stand with them.

To learn more about OTA Visit the OTA Face Book at:  https://www.facebook.com/OperationTroopAid

The OTA IRS Registry number is #13 - 4288094 

The OTA Combined Federal Campaign # is CFC# 26493

Annual Report

For a copy of our annual report, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Operation Troop Aid
2441-Q OLD FORT PKWY #317
Murfreesboro TN 37128

Picture Top: "The Beginning" - Mark meets Steve Wariner, Trisha Yearwood, Jewel and Garth Brooks - November 2001

Picture Bottom: Mark presents Garth the OTA Inspiration Award - March 2008

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