Board of Directors


MARK WOODS - FOUNDER & CEO / CO-TREASURER OPERATION TROOP AID:  Mark grew up in Memphis, TN and joined the Navy in 1987.  Quickly making his way up the ranks, he went from Enlisted to Officer in 1997.  A 21 year military veteran, he retired in 2008. Mark served on five US Navy Ships, completed six major deployments, and a year and a half forward deployed.  He had direct or indirect contributions on numerous operations abroad.  Being inspired as the assistant coordinator for the Garth Brooks Concert televised on CBS in 2001 and feeling the need to do more to support his fellow brothers and sisters in the field, he created OPERATION TROOP AID.  After producing a few shows and getting a few events under his belt, he incorporated OTA as a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) in 2005.  Mark has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Wayland Baptist university and a Masters Degree in Operations Management from The University of Arkansas.


TERRY TANNERY - NATIONAL EVENT COORDINATOR / CO TREASURER:  Born and raised in Detroit Michigan. While singing in the choir and working in his high schools Theater program, Terry met local fan favorite Bob Seger. At the time Jim Bruzeese of Pampa Lanes fame, was working on the album, Smokin O.P.'s!  In 1979 Terry and Jim's path would meet again, when Terry co-founded "Ladies Night Out" and was booking shows at Pampa Lanes!  After graduating high school, Terry worked with several bands in and around Detroit, booking shows, promoting and producing events. In 1977 he teamed up with "Hi-Tech Productions, as Tour Manager and LD for "Colin Patterson & the Wizards of Aus", Laser/RCA records, Melbourne Australia. Later on Terry Co-founded "Ladies Night Out" and produced the show with Jackie Kallen, of Galaxy Productions and James Toney fame.  In 1981 Terry relocated to Ocala Florida where he became production assistant at the Golden Hills fine arts theater. After the theater closed it was on to Orlando Florida, there he took a job at the Orange County Convention Center as Communications Manager/Technical Assistant/Rigger. During this time he joined Florida Riggers, who traveled the state doing the concert rigging for the different universities, hotels and venues throughout the state. In 1985 Terry was offered the position of Technical Services Coordinator at the Nashville Convention Center, which became the perfect opportunity for a Terry and his family. After serving 28 years of public service, Terry served as Event Manager, Senior Event Manager, and Events & Technical Director before his retirement in March of 2013. Since Then, he has opened "T-Man Events" in Nashville, an all encompassing company, that provides Services for Conventions, Trade Shows, Fairs, Concerts and Productions. Terry's current clientele include the Country Music Association, Country Radio Broadcasters, Show Pro's Las Vegas and Easyriders Events!

BILLY ANDERSON JR. - NATIONAL EVENT COORDINATOR / T.V & RADIO DIRECTOR:  Bill Anderson JR., A native Nashvillian established LANDMARK COMMUNICATIONS GROUP in 1977. Bill has guided LANDMARK COMMUNICATIONS GROUP (LCG) throughout the years in providing their clients services such as audio/video production, event support, streaming, social media and content creation. Music City (a division of LCG) is being developed as an online resource that will provide content programing as well as providing clients a creative force for their content development needs.  Bill’s credits also include location manager/scout for feature films and consultant for several independent productions.  Bill produced the last segment of the Friday Night Grand Ole Opry “Grand Ole Gospel Time” for 12 years before Co-founding the “Nashville Cowboy Church” Broadcast. This weekly program has a listenership of over 250 Million Worldwide.  In addition, Bill is very active in several Civic Clubs including Rockwood Revitalization Board, Roane County Chamber of Commerce Tourism Committee, and is currently President of the Rockwood Merchants Association.

1.  All CPA services are provided by MG Accounting of Virginia Beach, Va. using generally accepted accounting principles and procedures designated in the United States of America. OTA complies with all IRS guidelines, is an approved member of Combined Federal Campaign (CFC#26493) and Local Independent Charities of America and has been awarded their Seal of Approval.

2.  All Official AUDIT services are provided by MALVIN RIGGINS & COMPANY P.C. CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS OF Virginia Beach, VA...